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 Read this!!!

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PostSubject: Read this!!!   Wed May 09, 2012 4:19 pm

Please read the rules before you play.

1. Please no foul language. If you do cuss, i will give you a warning. If you cuss on this form 3 times, there will be a consequence!
2. For the love of Starclan! Be nice to each other!
3. Please no power-play. Don't determent when another player's cat dies, gets hurt, or you grab that cat.
4. You don't have to go to create a cat, but please do.
5. If you want to be in a prophecy, Please ask for my permission first. I don't want 100 cats running around with powers.
6. Please, STAY REALISTIC!!! Unless it is a fantasy clan, or unrealistic clan, please STAY REALISTIC! No Nyan cats, Rainbow cats, Winded cats, or any of the above!
7. We do have events from here and there. So please join if you want to. Don't be shy.
8. If you want me to add something, please don't come here. Go to "Contact us". Not here.
9. Have fun! oh, and i will add more rules if i think of them. But get out there and HAVE FUN!!!

If you think there is a rule that Warrior Cats Play needs, please Contact me.
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Read this!!!
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